Frequently Asked Questions

Can we drink on board?

You may not drink alcohol on board, however we will be making up to 3 stops to get your drink on.

How many people can ride?

The bike will seat 14 people. 10 pedal seats and a 3-4 person bench seat.

If I donʼt like the tours you have to offer, can I make up my own?

Yes! We welcome other ideas. Just give us a call to work out details. We have to make sure it will fit into the time frame.

You don't have any Tours for Monday through Wednesday. Can I book a tour for those days?

Yes, absolutely! We are happy to book a private party tour for a date that isn’t on the calendar as long as the date isn’t already booked. Give us a call at 360.524.3383 to get started!

What should I bring?

Cash is good. It will speed up the lines at the bar. Snacks, water, phone, and layers of clothing are all good ideas.

Can we bring our own food and non-alcoholic beverages?

Absolutely! We even have a cooler to keep things in.

Where do we park?

There is a Park N’ Go garage 1 block north at 6th & Columbia for $.75/hour, or street-side parking in the area for free after 6pm on weekdays and all day on weekends. Most of the street parking meters around downtown are 2 hour maximum so we do not recommend street-side parking during business hours on the weekdays!

Do I need to have 14 people to rent a private tour?

Not at all! We need at least 8 people for private parties. While we can carry 14 people, 13 is very comfortable and allows for more space on the bench seat.

Do all the riders have to be 21?

If you are going on a beer or wine tasting tour, all riders must be 21. We will check ID as you are signing the waiver.

Is there music on the bike?

You bet! We will have a good variety on board, but you may also bring your own music on a private tour.

Do I need to be in good shape to ride the bike?

It will give your legs a little bit of a work out, but we can help out with the electronic assist. There are also 4 non-pedaling seats!

Do I need a driver?

We will always provide a driver that will keep you safe and ensure that you have a great time.

What if it rains?

We have rain flaps that surround the seating area to keep you as dry as possible. You might still get some splash from the road, or stronger rains, but it’s the NW right?

Are the seats adjustable?

Yes they are.

What should I wear?

Be sensible. You live in the northwest. There is overhead storage if you need to shed layers. Flip flops are not a great idea. We will have emergency ponchos to purchase if it decides to pour sideways.

What if we get too tired to pedal?

Lucky for you we have an electronic assist…..or you can simply swap seats with somebody on the back bench.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

No. Vancouver is not enforcing the helmet rule for the quadricycle, however you may wear one if you like. We may have a few to borrow, but we strongly recommend bringing your own.

Can we tip the driver?

Um….yes! The drivers love getting tips. It shows that you were happy and had fun.

What is the cancellation policy?

We offer a simple refund policy:

  1. For cancellations prior to 3 weeks from your tour: Total refund less $50 for handling costs.
  2. Reschedule only within 3 weeks of tour.
  3. No refund within 2 days of tour.